#517 ID3 Tag Version option

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Aleix Vidal Gaya

I've read someone else bug about CDex not including the info on the ID3 tag, but I think the real problem is this:

In the CDex configuration window, Encoding -> Tags section, there is one option to select which version of ID3 tag will be wrote in the mp3 files. There are 3 checkboxes, the first one is for ID3 V1, and the two others (that excludes one from another) are for ID3 V2.3 and ID3 V2.4.

Allthough you left the first and the second checkboxes marked, the resulting mp3 files will only have the ID3 V2.4 version, that, as I see, Windows (Win 7 in my case) doesn't recognize on the file explorer.

Also, when I add some other fields to the mp3 files (like recording label or cover art) the software I use (http://www.mp3tag.de/en/) fortunately converts it to ID3 V2.3 that is widely compatible with most players.

I think there is a bug with these ID3 tag options in CDex...

Hope it was helpful...


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