#512 missing frames during rip + status of CDex

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I am running the 64-bit version of Windows 7 (though I'm likely going back to 32-bit XP, which at this point kicks the crap out of W7). I uninstalled CDex v1.70b4 because of the ID3 tagging issues when encoding mp3's. I went back to the beta2 install, but have noticed a problem lately. Every so often when ripping a CD, either as wav files or mp3 files, the first several frames are being dropped resulting in an incomplete, clipped file. The software reports no ripping errors, and my drive (HP GH-40L) apparently reports none either. There doesn't seem to be a pattern, as I can re-rip the affected file(s) and they come out correctly the second time. It could be either the program, the drive, and/or the OS - or a combo of all. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Also - it appears development of CDex has been halted, as there is no new release to address the ID3 tagging issue or to be officially compatible with Windows 7. Can anyone confirm the current status of the project?


  • Update & apologies - I see the beta4 version of CDex is indeed compatible with Windows 7.