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Title Last Update By Last Updated
Archlinux_Build Christopher Turkel (woomia) 2012-08-21
Autostarting Applications At Login Jon Trulson (jon13) 2013-05-17
CDETips Christopher Turkel (woomia) 2012-08-11
ConfiguringDtfileMimetypes Christopher Turkel (woomia) 2013-11-13
Contributing to CDE Jon Trulson (jon13) 2013-09-23
Createxsession Peter Howkins (flibble) 2012-08-03
Creating A Palette Christopher Turkel (woomia) 2012-07-26
CreatingAnAction Christopher Turkel (woomia) 2013-11-05
CustomisingCDE Peter Howkins (flibble) 2012-08-16
Customizing Dtlogin Christopher Turkel (woomia) 2012-08-16
DocumentCreation Christopher Turkel (woomia) 2012-05-08
Documentation Peter Howkins (flibble) 2012-09-27
Dtlogin Jon Trulson (jon13) 2014-01-22
FontsWithXFT Peter Howkins (flibble) 2014-03-28
FreeBSDBuild Ulrich Wilkens (xxbsd) 1 day ago
Home Christopher Turkel (woomia) 2014-03-14
How to Focus Follows Mouse+ClickToRaise Antonis Tsolomitis (atsol) 2014-02-24
How to control the sound using pulse Antonis Tsolomitis (atsol) 2014-02-24
How to deal with USB drives CDs etc Antonis Tsolomitis (atsol) 2014-02-24
How to manage wifi connections Antonis Tsolomitis (atsol) 2014-02-24
How to save more lines in Terminal Antonis Tsolomitis (atsol) 2014-02-24
ImprovingFonts Peter Howkins (flibble) 2012-06-21
LinuxBuild Jon Trulson (jon13) 2014-07-23
More Integrated Applications Antonis Tsolomitis (atsol) 2014-02-24
NetBSD Christopher Turkel (woomia) 2014-03-12
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