Peter Howkins
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Font Rendering with XFT

Since Motif 2.3 it has been possible to use the XFT font renderer for Motif widgets, allowing anti-aliasing and greatly improving the visual display of fonts.

Whilst CDE doesn't yet use this, it is definitely an interesting option. If you want to experiment with using the XFT renderer here is an example section of .Xresources that can be used to enable it.

*.renderTable: variable
*.renderTable.variable.fontName: Sans
*.renderTable.variable.fontSize: 8
*.renderTable.variable.fontType: FONT_IS_XFT

For more information check the Anti-Aliased Fonts and UTF-8 Support in OpenMotif 2.3 White Paper.


  • Silent-Hunter

    I don't like antialiased fonts, so I hope if it is merged in, the option to use fonts as they are now remains. The pixelated ones are easier on my eyes.