Thanks I'll look at doing this server side probably an easier route...
The restriction issue was with students being able to cheat using content placed online by teachers. (Teachers rely heavily on answer keys).

On 4/26/06, Mike Linksvayer <> wrote:
On Wed, 2006-04-26 at 12:33 -0700, Victor Stone wrote:
> um, well, I'm just relaying some pretty strong feelings from the folks
> who sponsor this project about the reason it exists: to spread and
> promote Creative Commons content which I can totally respect - it's
> why we don't ship with an 'all rights reserved' or 'public domain'
> license. If the purpose of ccHost has changed I can respect that too
> but it means a fundamental shift in priorities.

Sorry for adding irrelevancy, but 'public domain' is fully supported by
Creative Commons.  We have the PD dedication and PD content can be
incorporated into any CC licensed work.

PD probably should be included in ccHost as there's lots of PD content
out there suitable for remixing and CC supports it.


I haven't followed this discussion closely but it seems that restricting
who can participate in a given community is orthogonal to licensing.  If
someone wants to add a hack that restricts registrations to .edu
addresses, fine, but I don't see any place for that in the mainline
code.  As I think Victor said there's an events mechanism that would
allow a site to cleanly add that hack locally.

Mike Linksvayer