Hello Jon, Victor et all.  I recently noticed a posting on the CCHost Sourceforge page mentioning a 1.1 Release sometime in the future.  I've been developing a CCHost site at www.opensourcecinema.org - basically trying to get a video mixter set up.  If you check out the content you'll notice most of it is around CC isues - this is because I'm directing a feature film on the subject, in partnership with the National Film Board of Canada.

Why I'm writing is I thought I'd mention a couple of key feature requests that would help make this site more useable and scalable.  The biggest is support for multiple file uploads, from a URL.  This is essential for video - since a lot of the files will be held on a different server (say, blip.tv or ourmedia) - it is ESSENTIAL that users can enter from a URL address.  Also, for me setting up a sample pool, I need to be be able to do multiple files or the process is intensely tedious.

The other is a playlist functionality, akin to what they are creating over at Dabble (a la the drupal playlist function).  Users could arrange playlists of their favourite material that would play back in an aggregator or embedded.

The software is great out of the box, but I feel as though I've hit a bit of a wall with it, and its difficult to find developers to work on it because its proprietary. The budget I've been able to raise mostly goes towards creating the film, so I also don't have huge resources to throw behind it.  I do have some limited funds, however, and perhaps if I was to hire a PHP developer, I could hire one of you guys for a couple of hours to explain the development process to someone - that is, if you don't think the above features would be implemented.

Thanks!  And great work so far...