Hi Victor - hope you don't mind if I ask a couple quick things about some of the cooler features

-podcast this page...this is a very cool feature of ccmixter, and the "XML" links at the bottom of my page seem to work - but the "podcast this page" does not seem to...is there something I need to switch, here?  particularly intriguing since iTunes 6 now supports video...

-phpBB2 integration - instead of showing up within the CChost interface as in ccmixter, my "write a review" link takes me straight into phpBB2.  Is the ccmixter implementation custom?

-Submit forms - the upgrade to cc-submit does not seem to be working - you can eliminate submit forms you don't want, but when you add another submit form, it nixes out another one - and you can only seem to have 3.

Thanks for the support,


Brett Gaylor