Hi Roan

# chown apache ccHostRoot | I am on a CentOS box.
works like a charm.

Anyway. I still believe this is troublesome for people wanting to try it out. Especially on a shared hosting account - where you wont easily be able to chown. I have an account called Jones - and Jones is therefor the owner of ccHost root - can't change it by my self.

Perhaps an addition to the install documentation about contacting your host to change the user is a good solution. After install you'd be able to run as 'user' aka Jones - so it's not permanent.

2007/11/22, Roan Horning <roan@horning.us>:
Hi Peter,

I'm assuming you are using a *nix OS of some type. It sounds like you
need to find out what user or group Apache is running under. On a Debian
GNU/Linux system, Apache runs as 'www-data' for both user and group. For
many GNU/Linux distributions, it is run as user 'nobody' (not sure of
the group).

I'm using the Debian distribution, so I changed the group setting for
the whole cchost directory structure to 'www-data'. Then things worked
fine--using the default permissions settings. If using the group that
Apache runs under is too permissive, you can alternatively change the
owner of the cchost directory structure to the same as Apache uses.



Peter Jones wrote:
> Hi
> I still have trouble installing ccHost. Either the 'ccHost'_files
> folder can't be created... or, if it is created manually and CHMOD
> 777, I still get: "can't change permissions" - and the install is stuck.
> I've been going through installs on Lxadmin software. I've managed to
> install ccHost by switching to the Lighttpd web server from Apache -
> this does not have the problem for some reason. This may all be down
> to Lxadmin using Admin as owner, and (trying to) switch users seamlessly.
> However. I have also tried installing ccHost on a typical shared
> account. I ran across the same problem. So maybe this is more
> widespread (not just perm problems with the Lxadmin software).
> If we want ccHost to be available to the typical artist - using it for
> personal media sites, closed collaborations aso - perhaps it is an
> idea to check this out.
> We should: try some shared hosting accounts (large hosting providers),
> and see if the problem is only on my end. I'm open to the idea of
> giving someone with better knowledge of these issues access to a
> server with the problem...
> Kind regards
> /pj
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