Lets start with the features.
OpenID - that would certainly be swell. Found this on implementation http://www.plaxo.com/api/openid_recipe
Chords - minor/major and C through B would be enough to streamline audio uploads. Not perfect, but okay. Suppose an addon tag list with chords and keys would be adequate.
Pretty URL rewrites for other webservers. Lighttpd for example.
Some kind of flexible download/stream limit system.

... On another note.
There is some bug with bpm tag display. Either it's in my head or the software ;) Check this:
http://audio.ibeat.org/media/view/media/sessions - nothing above 120bpm


http://audio.ibeat.org/media/tags/dance has audio tagged with sessions in 130-135.

Any idea as to why this isn't showing correctly.

We are going live in a few days with ccHost, so I'd like to get that out of the way, before adding the more audio.


I've been playing around with other installs, trying to get a basic understanding of ccHost. But I still can't install on an Apache server. On different setups, I managed to set up with Lighttpd and then port to Apache - and then everything works well. For other newbs, this would halt them from trying this great tool, and thats sad.


We are still using the SVN from february on the audio.ibeat.org site - and I'm preparing an update... is this just a question of overwriting the old install? I only seem to be able to find info on 3.x to 4.x updates.

Kind regards
Peter Jones