I'm trying to adapt ccHost for use with images in order to create a Creative Commons-licensed archive of frame grabs from films and television. This is my first installation of ccHost and I must be missing something in the configuration, because I cannot get it to accept any uploads.

Each time I try to submit a file, I get this error message:

There was error in the file format
Unknown format

I've tried jpg, bmp, and mp3 files.  No luck.

My test machine is Windows-based (Apache 2, MySQL 4, PHP 4), although, if I were to put this into production, I'd run it on Linux. My first suspect was a misconfiguration of getID3, which I have set to


I have also installed the Windows helper apps at


I tried to get around this possible issue by disabling "GetID3 File Verify", but this made no difference.

Any help with this problem, or further advice about using ccHost principally for image files, would be greatly appreciated.


Jeremy Butler

Professor - TCF Dept. - U Alabama