I have recovered.

Thank everyone in advance. :)


2007/5/31, Victor Stone <fourstones.net@gmail.com>:
On 5/30/07, Jon Phillips <jon@rejon.org> wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-05-31 at 07:58 +0800, Snic Huang wrote:
> > Thanks! Victor, but how can I to set $CC_GLOBALS['logging'] in web
> > page? I didn't find page to set up. Can I only write arguments in
> > "ccextras/cc-activity-log.php"?

there's no web interface, feel free to put one there.

> >
> > I think that Activity Log have to add a field to save the md5/sha1 of
> > file. Because md5/sha1 can provide the information that user had
> > uploaded file.

You can put whatever want into those data fields, it's all generic
columns based on the event.

> >
> > Jon, you already do what my proposing. How can I recovery it that I
> > had changed file on SourceForge? Do i need to do it?

I think it's

svn delete