Ideas to implement some sort of prepaid


    Hi all,

    I'm just opening a internet cafe and just discovered CCL. Nice tool ! And thanks for it ! :-)

    Now, like many, I would need to implement some sort of "prepaid". By prepaid, I don't mean a short timed session paid on the spot (which is also very necessary and allready implemented), but something like a pre-payment of access time, used until exhaustion during several sessions at the user's discretion.

    So I was thinking of (I hope!) an possible quick hack to do something like that and would need your input about it's feasibility (I not a programmer, though I can understand and do some basic stuff).

    So what I think is :
    1/ add a "bank" entry in the member database, so every member has a value that can track the available resources assigned to him

    2/ Create a special sell action where "money" is sold, and result is the amount sold is incremented to the member's "bank"

    3/ When a member session starts, set the session timeout value (or whatever is actually used to lock the session after a certain amount of time) to ["bank" / (actual tariff)] . This would not allowed to take tariff changes into account, but well...

    4/ When a member session terminates, set the member's bank value to (timer x (initial tarif)), so if timer has expired, the member has no "money" left to use...

    What do you guys think ? Is that doable ? If yes, what's the best way to go for it ?

    Thanks for your comments.