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vCard/vCal Parser C Library / News: Recent posts

1.0 Stable Release

First stable release, testing period is over.
- Fixed bug with terminating blank lines in property data
- Updated cpp example for pretter formatting
- updated both samples to cope with nested cards
- added vCalendar sample data

Posted by Lindsay 2003-05-02

0.9 Beta Release

Released the final beta before the 1.0 release
- Docs
- Base64 Decoding

Posted by Lindsay 2003-04-25

Test samples finished

The C & CPP test projects have been finished and commited

Posted by Lindsay 2003-04-22

Documentation added

HTML documentation has been generated via doxygen (great product !) and exported online via the home page.

This will be included in the next file release.

Posted by Lindsay 2003-04-21

0.8 File Release

The initial file release - note this may be an alpha but if base64 decoding is not needed (or docs !) it is quite usable.

Posted by Lindsay 2003-04-18