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[r4] by bge

Initial Hildon release:

- Ported to Maemo (Hildonized)

- Moved interface other than config dialog and file chooser out of the
glade files. This is needed because glade does not support Hildon
yet, and we use a bunch of custom widgets (see below)

- Removed all dependencies to Gnome libraries. We now embed code from
libgtkimageview 1.5.0, somewhat modified.

- Removed dependency on command line unzip program. Mangaemo is able
to read .cbz and .zip archives on its own rather than depending on
unzip/grep. It still needs unrar or 7z for .cbr and .cb7 archives.
For zip files, it uses code borrowed from Comical (which in turn was
using the libunzip code).

- Refactored the internal archive decoding engine so that it's now
encapsulated in a gobject.

- Tweaks to the interface so it fits better with Maemo, namely:
support for rotation, fullscreen, and using the pen to move the image
while zoomed-in. Those should not change the desktop version's

- Introduced persistent zooming modes for fit to width and fit to

- Bookmarks the last viewed page. If you re-open the last open file,
it will automatically go to the last viewed page. If you open a
different file, it will go to the first page and zap your bookmark, so
be careful with this feature. I'll add true per-file bookmarks one of
those days.

- Added auto-rotate feature.

- Added "Manga mode" (2-page mode, with pages reversed)

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