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2008/11/05 v0.9.27	- Grr, was using command line unzip due to a
			mistake on my part...  Fixed.

2008/10/?? v0.9.26      - Internal refactor to archive readers to factor
			out common code and addition of page caching.
			- Fixed issue with "show scrollbar when
			fullscreen" preference not being read properly.

2008/10/22 v0.9.25	- "Brown paper bag" release (because of the following bug...)
			- Oops, when moving to arrays, lengths checks become unsafe...
			- Added case insensitive and natural ordering options.
			- Moved "page up" above "page down" in configuration :-P
			- Added "Go to page" action for key binding
			- Fixed gconf settings; they were in the wrong location.
			We now follow the Maemo guidelines.
			- Fixed lack of refresh when doing a rotation while zoomed-in.

2008/10/19 v0.9.24	- Tweak key handling, again--the image view widget now
			handles absolutely nothing key-wise, as it should have
			been in the first place probably
			- Allow editing of special mode keys
			- Fix accelerator input, so that arrows can be bound
			at will.  This was a stupid typo (mods instead of mode),
			- Remove all the legacy widget accelerator cruft.
			- Bind actions to non-widgets.
			- Allow page up, page down action.  For now, page size is
			not customizable (usually 50% of the screen).  However,
			we don't bind fit width or fit size to anything anymore.
			This can be overridden.
			- Fix problem reported by IcyAirs, where the "fixed location"
			mode for folders did not work properly.
			- Allow disabling an accelerator and inputting the escape
			key (normally, the escape key cancels the accelerator 
			- Internal refactor to use GArray instead of GList, making
			page manipulation quicker.  Also a refactor in prevision
			of adding page caching.

2008/10/05 v0.9.23	- Tweak key handling
			- Ensure scrollbar visibility preference is recorded
			properly, thanks to IcyAirs for finding it.
			- Re-enable "go to fixed location" in the preferences
			when building under Hildon, thanks to IcyAirs for finding
			- Zoom width and zoom fit were reversed in the configuration,
			thanks to IcyAirs for finding it.  This was reversed in the
			original cbrPager, actually...
			- Remove built-in keybindings from the image view, as those
			were messing up some shortcuts.  Thanks, again, to IcyAirs
			for finding this.
	                - Make rotation direction configurable.  Note that you
			can't rotate "upside down", as I don't see a point to that

2008/10/03 v0.9.22	- Fix key handling for n810, hopefully.
			- Fixed fit to width to avoid horizontal scrollbar.
			- Added notification when moved to end/beginning of
			- Added option to disable scrollbars in fullscreen 
			- Added "special mode" (normally toggled with the
			center button) that reassigns keys for more comfortable
			reading in portrait mode.
			- Fixed annoying bug when paging in rotated mode--scroll
			was done backwards.
			- Fixed a stupid typo that made the "go to start" menu
			item do absolutely nothing...

2008/09/24 v0.9.21	Modified due to feedback from Internet Tablet Talk
			- Try to be a bit more efficient with mouse moves.
			- Don't use temporary files anymore, they cause all
			sort of problems with memory cards etc.  I initially
			thought they'd be faster, but due to the slowness
			of the SD cards, it's not really that fast... I then
			considered making the temporary file location
			configurable, but in the end, it looks like it's
			doable in memory, which completely gets rid of the

2008/09/15 v0.9.20	Initial Hildon release.
			- Ported to Maemo (Hildonized)
			- Moved interface other than config dialog and file
			chooser out of the glade files.  This is needed because
			glade does not support Hildon yet, and we use a bunch
			of custom widgets (see below)
			- Removed all dependencies to Gnome libraries.  We now
			embed code from libgtkimageview 1.5.0, somewhat modified.
			- Removed dependency on command line unzip program.  
			cbrPager is able to read .cbz and .zip archives on its own
			rather than depending on unzip/grep.  It still needs
			unrar or 7z for .cbr and .cb7 archives.  For zip files,
			it uses code borrowed from Comical (which in turn was
			using the libunzip code).
			- Refactored the internal archive decoding engine so
			that it's now encapsulated in a gobject.
			- Tweaks to the interface so it fits better with
			Maemo, namely: support for rotation, fullscreen, and using
			the pen to move the image while zoomed-in.  Those should
			not change the desktop version's experience.
			- Introduced persistent zooming modes for fit to width
			and fit to screen.
			- Bookmarks the last viewed page.  If you re-open the 
			last open file, it will automatically go to the last
			viewed page.  If you open a different file, it will
			go to the first page and zap your bookmark, so be careful
			with this feature.  I'll add true per-file bookmarks one
			of those days.
	                - Added auto-rotate feature.
	                - Added "Manga mode" (2-page mode, with pages reversed)
			- Added simple "go to page" dialog (it's not as nice
			as what John had planned I think, but it's better than
	                - Added touch-scroll when in full screen and the toolbar
			is not visible + visual indicators, just like the Maemo
			PDF reader.  Still a bit glitchy, though.

2008/08/02 v0.9.19	- Avuton (avuton+at+gmail.com) send me a patch to
			allow reading .cb7 archives.
			- Mamoru (mtasaka+at+ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp) observed
			that the magic signature of 7p archives is actually
			6 bytes long, so I combined Avuton's and this info
			to change the archive type checking mechanism -
			cleaning up the code (mine!) a little. Adding new
			types should be easier.

2008/05/28 v0.9.18	- A bug was reintroduced (and now corrected again),
			which caused problems with filenames containing
			special characters such as [] and {}.

2008/05/23 v0.9.17	- Several small adjustments to avoid warnings from
			(some?) compilers (Thanks Mamoru Tasaka)
			- A security patch, again from Mamoru Tasaka, applied
			to avoid problems with unsecure system() calls.
			- Bug corrected: Changes in accelerator assignment
			were not activated until the next program startup.
			Thay are now activated when 'Save' is selected.

2008/05/22 v0.9.16	- The French translation was finally enabled.
			- Keyboard shortcut configuration  should work now.
			- Page list routine in the works, but not enabled

2007/06/01 v0.9.15	- A line was inadvertedly erased disabling horizontal
			navigation bar positions.
			- Thanks to nentuaby for reporting a problem with
			the sizing of the navbar when the icon are not
			standard. This should be solved too.

2005/09/04 v0.9.14	- Added two patches from Ilja Pyykkönen (thanks!):
			  - Key management for zooming in/out/fit/original
			  and for opening files
			  - Catching an error if the file selected for 
			  opening is neither RAR nor ZIP.
			- The Spanish translation was updated and some
			corrections applied.

2005/06/20 v0.9.13	- Added a 'fit-to-width' scaling option, as
			suggested by Leif Sandstede (leif/at/Sandstede.de)
			- Had to update to glade-2.6.8 because else I
			wasn't compatible with the rest of the libs
			and couldn't edit the toolbar anymore. I hope
			this doesn't cause too much troubles.
			- The Spanish translation has been updated and

2005/06/05 v0.9.12	- Modified the 'Requesting page' to show the
			right page number.
			- Changed the filename management to process
			really long filenames (over 200 chars) correctly.
			(Thanks richardaburton/at/hotmail.com)

2005/02/26 v0.9.11	- Dual page viewing. Experimental! I don't use
			it very often, but many have asked for it.
			- Zoom to fit button. Fits the actual view to the
			window, and then maintains the same scale factor
			for the following pages.
			- Bug in the config window: 1/2 page selection
			didn't work as advertised (Thanks Seth)
			- Added a 'hide nav bar' option, so you can enjoy
			your comics without the navigation bar in the way.
			To re-enable it, or some other quick options,
			right-click on the image for access to the
			configuration window.
			- Added a popup window to options if the nav bar
			is not available.
			- Added <space> to advance and <backspace> to
			backup. <Shift-space> goes to the end, <Shift-
			backspace> to the start of the archive.

2005/01/06 v0.9.10	- As predicted, still woes with filename case. 
			Patiently James Reeves (re-)explained the problem,
			and, after eliminating quite a few lines, the
			program actually works better!
			Also thanks to John Paul Lorenti 
                        jplorenti[at]users.sourceforge.net for his patch.
			- Change pages with Left and Right cursor keys.
			Shift-Left and Shift-Right go to the first and
			last pages. (In a next version, I'll try and
			make this configurable) (reqd by several people)

2005/01/05 v0.9.9	- Recognise .zip files (Suggestion by Seth Cohn)
			I went one further. cbrpager will now open a file
			with _any_ extension, as long as it _is_ either a
			zip or a rar file.
			- I won't claim that the upper/lower case problem
			is solved. It always seems to linger. I did correct
			a problem, and I made a test archive with mixed
			.jpg, .JPG, .jpegs and it worked. Please report!

2005/01/02 v0.9.8	- All the best for 2005!
			- Problems with upper/lower case images in an
			archive should be resolved.
			- As a bonus, any mix of image types may be present
			in the archive.
			- The archive to be opened can be specified on
			the command line, permitting many file managers
			to be used to call cbrpager automatically (such
			as mc, rox, etc. Thanks James Reeves,
                        jreeves[at]monkeyengines.co.uk for the suggestion).
			- Page index not reset when loading a new archive,
			corrected by patch from James Reeves.
			- I've included a specfile for generating rpms
			(see the README file for use. Thanks Emmanuel Seyman

2004/12/15 v0.9.7	- Modification to the 'rar' command to allow
                        images to be in subdirectories (thanks to Ricardo
                        Veguilla <veguilla[at]hpcf.upr.edu>)
			- Added a specfile (thanks to Emmanuel Seyman 

2004/11/05 v0.9.6	- upper case extensions of images in archive weren't
			be detected (.JPG and such). Sorry about that.
			- Updated the spanish translation
			- Modification to the 'rar' command to allow
			images to be in subdirectories (thanks to Ricardo 
			Veguilla <veguilla[at]hpcf.upr.edu>)

2004/10/25 v0.9.5	- Added .cbz files (recognized automatically)
			- Ignore upper/lower case changes in image names
			(and extensions).

2004/10/13 v0.9.4	- Added orientation control for the navigation
			bar (vertical/horizontal)

2004/10/06 v0.9.3	- Added tooltips to the navigator buttons
			- An error in the packaging: Spanish version didn't

2004/10/04 v0.9.2	- First public release