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+2008/10/22 v0.9.25	- "Brown paper bag" release (because of the following bug...)
+			- Oops, when moving to arrays, lengths checks become unsafe...
+			Fixed.
+			- Added case insensitive and natural ordering options.
+			- Moved "page up" above "page down" in configuration :-P
+			- Added "Go to page" action for key binding
+			- Fixed gconf settings; they were in the wrong location.
+			We now follow the Maemo guidelines.
+			- Fixed lack of refresh when doing a rotation while zoomed-in.
 2008/10/19 v0.9.24	- Tweak key handling, again--the image view widget now
 			handles absolutely nothing key-wise, as it should have
 			been in the first place probably