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[r19] by bge

Updated French translation, had forgotten... d'oh!

2008-10-21 21:38:16 Tree
[r18] by bge

Use GArray instead of GList for internal page handling.

Fix missing headers in the tree view for keys.

2008-10-21 21:12:03 Tree
[r17] by bge

- Tweak key handling, again--the image view widget now
handles absolutely nothing key-wise, as it should have
been in the first place probably
- Allow editing of special mode keys
- Fix accelerator input, so that arrows can be bound
at will. This was a stupid typo (mods instead of mode),
- Remove all the legacy widget accelerator cruft.
- Bind actions to non-widgets.
- Allow page up, page down action. For now, page size is
not customizable (usually 50% of the screen). However,
we don't bind fit width or fit size to anything anymore.
This can be overridden.
- Fix problem reported by IcyAirs, where the "fixed location"
mode for folders did not work properly.
- Allow disabling an accelerator and inputting the escape
key (normally, the escape key cancels the accelerator

2008-10-20 22:00:17 Tree
[r16] by bge

Updated description a bit.

2008-10-07 17:53:39 Tree
[r15] by bge

Fixed build-depends.

2008-10-07 17:50:57 Tree
[r14] by bge

- Tweak key handling

- Ensure scrollbar visibility preference is recorded properly, thanks
to IcyAirs for finding it.

- Re-enable "go to fixed location" in the preferences when building
under Hildon, thanks to IcyAirs for finding this.

- Zoom width and zoom fit were reversed in the configuration, thanks
to IcyAirs for finding it. This was reversed in the original
cbrPager, actually...

- Remove built-in keybindings from the image view, as those were
messing up some shortcuts. Thanks, again, to IcyAirs for finding

- Make rotation direction configurable. Note that you can't rotate
"upside down", as I don't see a point to that feature.

2008-10-06 03:18:08 Tree
[r13] by bge

- Fix key handling for n810, hopefully.
- Fixed fit to width to avoid horizontal scrollbar.
- Added notification when moved to end/beginning of
- Added option to disable scrollbars in fullscreen
- Added "special mode" (normally toggled with the
center button) that reassigns keys for more comfortable
reading in portrait mode.
- Fixed annoying bug when paging in rotated mode--scroll
was done backwards.
- Fixed a stupid typo that made the "go to start" menu
item do absolutely nothing...

2008-10-04 21:18:35 Tree
[r12] by bge

- Fix key handling for n810, hopefully.
- Fixed fit to width to avoid horizontal scrollbar.
- Added notification when moved to end/beginning of

2008-10-04 01:58:18 Tree
[r11] by bge

Modified due to feedback from Internet Tablet Talk
- Try to be a bit more efficient with mouse moves.
- Don't use temporary files anymore, they cause all
sort of problems with memory cards etc. I initially
thought they'd be faster, but due to the slowness
of the SD cards, it's not really that fast... I then
considered making the temporary file location
configurable, but in the end, it looks like it's
doable in memory, which completely gets rid of the

2008-09-30 22:09:45 Tree
[r10] by bge

Oops, fixed typo in ChangeLog, was still refering to interim project name...

2008-09-23 03:26:10 Tree
[r9] by bge

Fixed some centering bugs with page indicators.

Fixed problem with page indicators being shown when no paging was possible
in a given direction.

2008-09-23 02:26:58 Tree
[r8] by bge

Oops, version number was wrong in NEWS file...

2008-09-23 02:10:06 Tree
[r7] by bge

Added pen-assisted navigation in full-screen mode.

2008-09-23 02:03:30 Tree
[r6] by bge

Removed all warnings (except those from libunzip).

Fixed unrar usage so it works well with modern unrar builds.

2008-09-23 02:00:26 Tree
[r5] by bge

Added Go To Page... feature (dialog + menu items). Note that
this is also a testbed for futzing around with runtime enabling
of Hildon components from a Glade source.

Fixed menu structure in accordance to suggested Maemo standards.

Made the "full screen" menu item a checkbox toggle item. The
code to get this to work without an infinite loop is a bit messy,
will clean it up later.

2008-09-23 01:58:40 Tree
[r4] by bge

Initial Hildon release:

- Ported to Maemo (Hildonized)

- Moved interface other than config dialog and file chooser out of the
glade files. This is needed because glade does not support Hildon
yet, and we use a bunch of custom widgets (see below)

- Removed all dependencies to Gnome libraries. We now embed code from
libgtkimageview 1.5.0, somewhat modified.

- Removed dependency on command line unzip program. Mangaemo is able
to read .cbz and .zip archives on its own rather than depending on
unzip/grep. It still needs unrar or 7z for .cbr and .cb7 archives.
For zip files, it uses code borrowed from Comical (which in turn was
using the libunzip code).

- Refactored the internal archive decoding engine so that it's now
encapsulated in a gobject.

- Tweaks to the interface so it fits better with Maemo, namely:
support for rotation, fullscreen, and using the pen to move the image
while zoomed-in. Those should not change the desktop version's

- Introduced persistent zooming modes for fit to width and fit to

- Bookmarks the last viewed page. If you re-open the last open file,
it will automatically go to the last viewed page. If you open a
different file, it will go to the first page and zap your bookmark, so
be careful with this feature. I'll add true per-file bookmarks one of
those days.

- Added auto-rotate feature.

- Added "Manga mode" (2-page mode, with pages reversed)

2008-09-23 01:56:46 Tree
[r3] by bge
2008-09-23 01:48:24 Tree
[r2] by bge
2008-09-23 01:48:08 Tree
[r1] by bge
2008-09-23 01:39:11 Tree