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New version 4.5

The new version includes the following features:
- Graphical definition of geographic extent by means of a polygon.
- Geographic display of resources on a map.
- Integration of a tool that enables the creation of feature catalogues in conformance with the ISO 19110 standard.
- Export metadata repositories as geoRSS files.
- Connection to gvSIG in order to open the resources documented previously with CatMDEdit.
- Improvement of application usability and user interface.

Posted by IAAA Laboratory 2009-05-27

New version 4.0.1

The new version includes the following features:
- Improvement of Windows Vista and Linux compatibility.
- Updating of Polish Translation.

Posted by IAAA Laboratory 2008-04-08

New version 4.0

The new version includes the following features:
- Metadata edition in conformance with the "ISO19115. Geographic Information - Metadata" standard and the Technical Corrigendum 1 to ISO 19115:2003, published in March 31, 2006 (ISO TS 19139 XML encoding).
- New ISO19115 Metadata Profiles added: ISO19115 Core, ISO19115 INSPIRE, ISO19115 WISE.
- New Dublin Core Profile added: it follows the guidelines for expressing Dublin Core metadata using the Resource Description Framework(RDF).
- Improvement of application usability: edition buttons relocation, added popup menus and hotkeys to make the common actions easier.
- New editor interface: metadata elements are ordered according to the standard; on-line help about the metadata elements defined in a specific metadata profile, metadata validation according to the mandatory elements defined in each metadata profile.
- Improvement of thesaurus selection
- Improvement of coordinates selection
- Definition and management of different metadata repositories.
- Automatic metadata generation for spatial series.
- New tool to import metadata from older versions of CatMDEdit.
- Improvement of the installer.
- Windows Vista compatibility.
- User Manual more detailed.

Posted by IAAA Laboratory 2008-02-15

User Manual Update (v3.8.0)

Updated user manual to the last version (3.8.0).
Tranlations available: spanish and english.

Posted by IAAA Laboratory 2007-05-29

New version 3.8.0

The new vesion includes the following features:
- Import and export of metadata in compliance with the ISO19139 technical specification
- Visualization of some data formats such as Shapefile, ECW, GeoTiff, GIF, JPG, BMP, PDF, HTML, ...
- Improvements in the selection of thesaurus terms
- General improvement in the ergonomy and usability of the application

Posted by IAAA Laboratory 2007-01-11