#3 Graceful timeout for interactive/hung programs

David Molnar
Catchconv (2)
David Molnar

Currently the docatchconv and dozzuf scripts do not support killing the program under test after a timeout. This makes it difficult to test programs such as pdf viewers, which do not close themselves after loading a file. This feature request asks for modifying the scripts to gracefully support a timeout.

* Creation of a config file or environment variables to hold timeout values.

* The timeout for the tracing with catchconv needs to be different (much longer) than the timeout for memcheck.

* If the program hits the timeout, there should be an option as to whether or not to consider this an error. Hitting the timeout and being killed will lead to a non-zero return code, so the current scripts when run on a timeout driver program flag every test case as an error.

* If possible, we prefer to run Catchconv directly on the program being tested, as opposed to a driver script which spawns the test program. This is not strictly necessary, but it saves the performance impact of instrumenting the driver program.