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HFS Explorer and Windows 7 (x64)

  • zankty

    If using "Autodetect" the HFSExplorer gives you the message "No HFS+ file systems found … " and it only shows you CD Rom drives in the list.
    Then do the following in Windows 7:

    - right click "HFSExplorer"
    - select Properites
    - selcet the tab "Compatibility"
    -  and then "Run this program in compatibilitiy mode for:" > "Windows XP"

    That worked for me.

  • Thank you!!

  • I didn't see any options for windows 7.  All others did not work for me :(

  • Erik Larsson
    Erik Larsson

    You don't really have to run the program in a compatibility mode. You only need to use the shortcut "Run HFSExplorer in Administrator mode" instead of the plain "HFSExplorer" shortcut.
    This works fine, at least for me.

    I hope this explanation is clear enough: The reason that you are only seeing the CdRom* devices is that you don't have the necessary permissions to access the raw block devices of your hard drives (CD/DVD/BluRay drives apparently do not require these permissions).
    If you are and administrator user already (which means that you should have those permissions), then the Windows feature(/hack) UAC (User Account Control) is probably limiting your permissions, which is why you need to use the "Administrator mode" shortcut.

  • Manuele

    Hi there,

    I am unable to open the application on Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) using either of the shortcuts (I just get a twirling circle for a split second and then nothing happens). Is this a compatibility issue? (I also tried running both shortcuts by right clicking them and selecting "Run as Administrator").


  • Erik Larsson
    Erik Larsson


    I regularly run HFSExplorer on Windows 7 x64 and x86 versions, and I haven't noticed any such issues. Java 7 also seems fine. What Java version are you running?

  • Can't seem to get the install to work even trying with compatibility mode, on win 7 x64.  Running java 1.6 and the version of the installer is 0.21.  Do I need to use an older installer perhaps?

  • Erik Larsson
    Erik Larsson


    The installer doesn't need Java at all. You should always be able to install the application, even if Java issues prevent you from launching it later.
    Are you getting any error message when attempting to install HFSExplorer?

  • Rob Miller
    Rob Miller

    Compatibility mode, the availability of Java. It's all so complicated. Why complicate your life? I bought the HFS + for Windows. I paid quite a bit, but now I quietly work with files on my computer

    Last edit: Rob Miller 2013-07-14