batch processing

  • Hi.
    Is there a chance to have the ability added to perform some basic operations like extracting files by console? =)
    What I am looking for is something like
    > hfsexplorer -extract "/volume/whatever/*" "c:\extracted files"

    I don't like those "click only" programs (though it works perfectly so far, good job ;), and for some repeating tasks I would prefer batch procedures to speed this up a little bit.

    I hope you understand what I'm asking for, I'm afraid my English is a little rusty ^^

  • Erik Larsson
    Erik Larsson


    This should be possible already with 'unhfs', which is included with the program. Please 'cd' to  the HFSExplorer installation dir and run 'unhfs.bat' from a command line and it will tell you how it works.

    - Erik