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Ca$h or Cra$h Version 1.0.0 Binaries Fixed

The original upload of the binaries for Ca$h or Cra$h version 1.0.0 had faulty, older versions ( Those versions were compiled with a trial version of the compiler and thus will not work after 15 days from compile date. The 1.0.0 source is unaffected, but all binaries should be redownloaded. N.B. All Mac binaries are for OS X except the MacClassic binary.

Posted by nivek1385 2007-02-14

Ca$h or Cra$h Version 1.0 Released

Version 1.0 has now been released. All code has been rewritten in REALBasic from the original GAMBAS. Binaries are now available for GNU\Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. Mac OS is untested currently.

Posted by nivek1385 2007-02-12

Ca$h or Cra$h version 0.5.0 LB, 0.6.0 LA, 0.9.99LB released

Ca$h or Cra$h versions 0.5.0 LB, 0.6.0 LA, and 0.9.99 LB (aka 1.0 L RC1) have been released. All three have a tar.gz source release and a GAMBAS binary release.

0.5.0 LB was the first public version, a beta for GNU\Linux-only. 0.6.0 LA addressed several issues (see README for specific changes) and became an updated 0.5.x public release as an alpha for the upcoming 1.0 public release. 0.9.99 LB is the current version as of 16 December 2006. It is the linux release candidate for version 1.0. ... read more

Posted by nivek1385 2006-12-16