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Outlook 2010 and URL's

  • Michael Rimov
    Michael Rimov

    Ok, hopefully, this is the last Outlook related issue for me, and its a fairly
    minor one.

    Cardme URL's generated:


    What Outlook 2010 wants:


    Now, AFAICT, that's not standard RFC. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)

    I could easily modify VCardWriter to output a work category with the URL if in
    Outlook Compatibility mode.... however, since the API allows for multiple
    URL's, that would mess things up.

    Any ideas how you would like to see it done? I don't mind doing the legwork
    here, but I'd like to have an idea where you'd like to see the code taken.


    -Mike (R)

  • George_H

    I can get this fixed in a heartbeart, I had this done already in cardme
    v0.1.4, but I did not propagate the outlook specific stuff hoping that maybe
    they'll just use v3.0 and just use an already written vcard parser (as there
    are hundreds out there) seems like they don't want to do that :P

    Update SVN for latest change https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=d

    This should work. You can test it more by trying out multiple URLs