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ASTranslator 1.5.1 released

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Posted by Michael Wynholds 2003-07-31

ASTranslator 1.5 released

ASTranslator 1.5 release today. Improvements include:
- Major performance speedup
- Infinite loop detection / avoidance
- Filterable translation
- Bug fixes

Posted by Michael Wynholds 2003-04-25

ASTranslator documentation released

ASTranslator project documentation including installation and usage instructions are now available at

Posted by Alon Salant 2003-01-16

geolocator 0.9 released

The first release of GeoLocator, a Java Zip Code lookup and calculation engine, is available now!

Posted by Michael Wynholds 2002-09-26

astranslator-0.9.2 released

This release fixes some bugs (specifically with arrays), and has a significant refactor. The refactor breaks out specific translators, which translated to and from Action Script, to separate encoders and decoders. This release also includes more unit tests, but still more tests are needed.

Posted by Michael Wynholds 2002-08-21

astranslator-0.9.1 released

This release incorporates a structural refactoring contributed largely by Steven Webster and adds features to correctly handle the translation of org.w3c.dom.Document and java.sql.ResultSet object types.

Posted by Alon Salant 2002-08-06

astranslator-0.9.jar released

This is the first public release of ASTranslator. Included in the release is JavaDoc documentation, the source code, JUnit tests, and an ant build script for compiling, documenting and redistributing this library.

The library requires that you have log4j and flashgateway.jar (from Macromedia Flash Remoting) in your classpath.

Posted by Alon Salant 2002-07-03