#80 Inserting pictures -- full images "self-link"


When inserting images into a document, the default behaviour is to insert a thumbnail *and* link to the full-size image. If you *switch* to inserting a full-size image, the option to link to the full-size image is still checked and so beginners are typically "self-linking" these images.

I'd like the insert image process to behave like this instead:

* The default should be to insert the full-size image, and not link to the full-size image.

* If one switches the first set of radio buttons to insert a thumbnail, javascript should initially set the second set of radio buttons to "link to full-size image".

* Similarly, if one switches from insert-thumbnail to insert-full-size, javascript should set the initial preference to *not* link to the full-size image.

Two additional ways I'd like image insert to change from how it currently works:

* Currently clicking on a thumbnail opens the full-size image in a second browser window or tab. Opening new browser windows (tabs) is still (2007) on Jakob Nielsen's "Top Ten Web Design Mistakes" -- http://www.useit.com/alertbox/9605.html -- and also goes against best practice for accessibility.

* It would be great (this may be limited by TinyMCE) if we could *disable* the handles that allow people to re-size image width and height (in HTML). Or else (probably yet further off...) link the handles (only the corner ones, and then only proportional re-sizing) with Reuven's code which lets you re-size the underlying image file.

Those side handles let you do nuthin but wreak havoc on image proportions.