#67 General improvment of Hiererchical Menus

Ruth Smucker

I just found out from Michael that this is already
somewhat underway, but here are my thoughts.

Improving the Hierarchical Menus – Need more control
over how these work/are styled – I had talked to David
about this a while back – would like controls more
similar to that of the Buttons navigation – the
wrapping is awful in Firefox good in IE – the way in
which the width of each individual button is handled
can be very strange, sometimes when you want the whole
menu to span a certain width, you can’t get it to
because it divides the width of the buttons evenly, and
so it seems to round the width of each button to a
certain amount, and so depending on the number of
buttons and the width of each button, it might not span
the entire width of the space that you want it to