#7 [ Bug #13746 ] Missing BMP Files causes Canorous to crash in


Original title (Why does SF has a limitation in here ?): [ Bug #13746 ] Missing BMP Files causes Canorous to crash in Vista
Originally posted by studentstudio on Berlios:


  • studentstudio wrote this bug:

    There should be a list of all the dependancies for running Canorus (such as Python, gtk, etc) on the wiki page. For whatever reason when I open the tempo toolbar-it doesn't show the note icons for the menu and when I click on the dropdown menu it always chashes! Is it because I have a Acer amd turion X64 laptop running Vista, or is this feature not compleate for Canorous?

  • Matevz commented on Berlios:

    I think the problem is in the SVG rendering engine - all the icons in Canorus are scalable in SVG format and we use QT's libsvgengine internally.. so this might be the problem.

    About the dependencies - look at the README file.

  • Cadaker commented on Berlios:

    Actually, it seems that the problem is this:
    If you use the right-click context menu to show the toolbars, you bypass some initialization code. This causes segfaults.

    I'd offer to try and patch this (it doesn't seem too difficult), but I'm wondering if it's not better to just disable the context menu altogether. Any comment from a developer?

  • Concerning me: I don't think the toolbar context menu should be hidden as it provides a way to hide some of the toolbars.
    It would be nice if you provide a patch as I have no possibility to reproduce the problem.
    Please upload the patch to Sourceforge as all the trackers are being taken down soon (this bug is already moved)