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Support for eCos RTOS

CANopenNode driver supports any hardware that is supported by the eCos CAN framework.

eCos is a free open source real-time operating system intended for embedded applications.

The driver also utilizes the eCos generic flash support to implement parameter storage and default parameter restore functionality via objects 0x1010 and 0x1011.

Code is available on SVN.

Posted by Janez 2013-10-24

OD editor and Firefox

Since Firefox V17 there are problems with running OD editor application, because E4X is obsolete in Firefox. See

Untill OD editor will be updated please use Firefox V16 for running it:

It is possible to run multiple versions of Firefox simultaneously: read more

Posted by Janez 2013-01-19

SDO master program

SDO master is a simple program, useful for accessing CANopen device from a PC. It works with any IXXAT CAN device. Now it is available on SVN.

Thanks to Pim van den Berg

Posted by Janez 2012-02-26

SVN repository

The most up to date code is from now on available from SVN. First commit is the same as version 3.02 available on download section.

Posted by Janez 2012-02-26

License is now LGPL

License for new version of the CANopen stack was changed from GPL. Now it is LGPL. It is less restrictive. Stack can now be used as a library in proprietary programs.

Posted by Janez 2009-01-15

New code available from CVS

There is totally new code available from CVS server. Stack is now rewritten in object-oriented fashion. It is well documented. Object dictionary editor is renewed. It works with Firefox 3. Everything is tested and is stable so far.

Posted by Janez 2008-11-04

Object Dictionary Editor

Next release of CANopenNode is getting closer. Now you can already use CANopen Object Dictionary Editor with Code and Documentation generator. This web application is accessible from project web page:

Posted by Janez 2007-09-01

dsPIC devices

Next release of CANopenNode will include dsPIC30F, dsPIC33F and PIC24H devices. These are new 16-bit devices from Microchip. Stack will also have some improvements like dynamic PDO mapping and advanced Object Dictionary.

It is available pre-release of full working stack. After some more testing it will be available for download.
Someone interested for pre-release can get the copy by email.

Posted by Janez 2007-03-07

Final version

CANopenNode version 1.10 is completed with all the documentation included. It is widely tested. Many examples are avilable, including generic I/O device, SDO client with LCD display, etc. Tutorial with most of CANopenNode features can be tested.

Posted by Janez 2006-05-08

Bugs and Public Forums!

Please use Bugs tracker to report Bugs and to check them. Bugs reported here must be manualy repaired in source code till next release.
Please also use Public Forums if you have questions or if you want to share your experience with others.

Posted by Janez 2004-09-29


You can use tutorial to setup sample CANopen network. Three demo boards with PIC18Fx58 microcontrollers are used as sensor, actuator and command interface. CANopen features are shown.

Posted by Janez 2004-08-23

Second release

Increased performance and stability if microcontroller. Some features are added. Tutorial can be used to setup sample project.
Forum is open, so you can use it.

Posted by Janez 2004-08-23

First release

Here is first release of CANopenNode. It is ready to use on PIC 18F458 microcontroller so it can communicate ower standard CANopen protocol.

Posted by Janez 2004-06-30