Develop video editing feature

  • Giulio

    I'd like to develop a new feature, if I can:
    adding screen annotation after recording.
    One could modify the player or develop a standalone program like the swf producer.
    I think the second option is my better choice because the source does not compile under vs2008.
    In a week I should start reading and analysing the code, I will try to reuse as much as possible.
    The new editor program should play and stop the video, as the current player already does (I think I should just copy this).
    Then one could create the annotation (using the cam studio main, nothing to do, maybe...) and put it on the video window
    And the new editor program should overlap the original video with the annotation (I have to figure out how), then save.
    My objective is not loosing the quality of the original video, but only overwriting the image where the annotation is placed...
    I've not yet started, it is just an idea...

    • Giulio

      Find posted below the initial draft I developed (in dev-c++ on win-xp).

      You can open a (previously recorded) avi, play and stop it (left click options).

      Then you can either save an original bitmap (frame extracted) or (what is more important) you can overlap a camstudio annotation on the screen an save a post-edited (recaptured) bitmap.

      Of course it is just a proof of concept and it needs an iteration in view to saving a whole avi and not only a single bitmap.

      Including it in a sourceforge project could be useful if anyone is interested.

      Thanks for looking.

    • Nick Smith
      Nick Smith

      Hi Giulio8

      Sounds great - any chance you could send me a compiled binary to play with?

      Use this address: support @ camstudio . org

      Or if it's too big, can you upload it to a site like YouSendIt or RapidShare and send me a download link?


      Nick :o)

    • Giulio

      Sure, already sent.
      HTH :-)