Current Goals and Release Schedule

Current goal is that by January, if no horrible thing happens, Camera/Shy will be upgraded in strength (to military grade) and in usage (to seamless browser plug-in).

The drawbacks are that there will be less content, and there will be more files. Also, minor registry access will be required. This privilege is slightly greater than what Camera/Shy currently asks for, though. This is actually probably the worst drawback, though it will increase compatibility.

The military grade steganography will give comparatively little content per message. But, it should be more trustworthy for situations where someone believes they are under strict personal surveillance beyond the ordinary surveillance imposed on all civilians.

As with any long term goal, this is to a degree tenuous, mostly so based on "unforeseen events" and on feedback from users about this.

Again, developers are wanted, and I am totally open to other design ideas.

The older versions will remain available.

Posted by thePull 2002-11-06