cameraShy and NT4.0

  • After a report in the german magazine c't i have download the CameraShy.

    I started the program under NT4.0 SP6
    It crashes an I cant start any IE threads.

    I tried out it again, but the error don't appear.

    • I'm again.

      Now i have to browser with Netscape NAvigator.
      My IE will not start again. It hangs up. I have to take the Strg-Alt-Entf

      My system is (after a restart) unstable .

      Is there any changes in the system, that i can change.

      HELP ME!!! Please. I wont install Windows again.

    • thePull

      In situations like this you should email the author, I would have seen this sooner. However, you seem to be inexperienced with WIndows, there is no change to your system which c/s could make that would make your system "unstable" after a reboot.

      At best, I could guess you might be using less than IE 6, but this is now given as a warning to users whom are.