This project still active?

  • Lucas Thompson
    Lucas Thompson

    No CVS activity in months. Did this project die? (or worse, did Sherm get a day-job? <grin>)

    • Jay Lawrence
      Jay Lawrence

      I am certainly interested to hear about recent developments -- good or bad. The last news early Dec. I had was that Sherm is working on some major features - runtime interrogation of Objective C & subclassing.

      Sherm - is there something we can do to help along?

      Personally I think this is a really useful project and would like to do anything I could to help it along!

    • Sherm Pendley
      Sherm Pendley

      I wish. I *did* pick up a bit of consulting, though, which is better than nothing. It's borking up the schedule for CamelBones a bit, but I'm not in a position to complain about that - I have to take whatever I can get, whenever I can get it.

      The lack of CVS activity is basically due to the difficulties I had in getting Project Builder to cooperate with SourceForge's CVS server. To make a long story short, SF's CVS access authentication didn't jibe very well with PB. Those problems are addressed by the excellent SSHPassKey app - which was written by Bill Bumgarner, author of the PyObjC bridge. How's that for irony?

      BTW - Kudos to the SF team for providing us with an NNTP interface to these discussion areas. Having to use HTML forms was such a pain... (Damn, I have to take that back now - when I try to send my reply via NNTP, I keep getting a strange "unwanted group" error. Oh, well - it *is* in beta. It'll be useful when it's working...)