Thanks for the project

  • James O'Gorman
    James O'Gorman

    I noticed that there is not much talk going on with the project. I just wanted to chime in real quick and say thanks for the project. There are people using it. Or, in my case, trying to learn how to use it.


    • John Ingram
      John Ingram

      Here here.  I heard about Camelbones yesterday afternoon and spend all evening getting my bearings.  By the end of the evening I had a little LWP app working.

      This morning I continue and it's just absolutely fascinating.  It's a little tough coming at this with no Cocoa API background, because I have to look up practically everything, but this is DEFINITELY something I'm going ot be using for all kinds of useful stuff. 

      Fortunately, I had taken the "Currency Converter" tutorial on before, which explains how to use Interface Designer and the essentials of Project Builder.  That made the CamelBones transition much easier than it would have been.


    • Vito Sorelli
      Vito Sorelli

      Another voice of thanks. This is a great project, and if I can do anything to help, lemme know (I'm a writer/editor by trade, developer by birth, so maybe I could work on docs...?)

      Meanwhile, keep it up! This is fascinating stuff!