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Calimero: KNX network access for Java

Calimero is a Java library for KNX/EIB applications. It provides an API for (many of) the network services and data encodings defined in the KNX standard. It can be used as a basis to write remote access or control applications.

The current version of the library (Calimero 2) features:

  • KNXnet/IP tunneling (with bus monitor mode), routing, local device management
  • FT1.2 serial access
  • Easy-to-use process communication (group communication)
  • KNX property access
  • Datapoint type and property type translation
  • Network and device management client services
  • Network message buffering for state- and command-based datapoint values
  • Centralized logging
  • Network configuration storage, with possibility to import ETS 4 project files

Its minimum platform requirement is the Java 2 Micro-Edition CDC Foundation Profile (J2ME CDC FP), which makes it suitable for embedded applications. Calimero is also compatible with the popular Java Standard Edition (J2SE) environments commonly deployed on PC workstations.


Calimero 1? Calimero 2? Calimero NG?

Calimero 1 was the first release. Calimero 2 is the successor project - a complete re-write with a new API. Like many other projects, we decided to step up the major version number whenever the API changes. Before we decided this, however, Calimero 2 was referred to as "Calimero NG" ("Next Generation"), and Calimero 1 simply as "Calimero".

On these pages, "Calimero" almost always means Calimero 2. The design of Calimero 1.x is described here, including a short code example and a few additional notes. Note that the Calimero 2 API is different!

Calimero 1 and 2 were designed and written by people who were, at that time, with the Automation Systems Group at the Vienna University of Technology.



Calimero 1 is archived. It is no longer maintained or developed; these efforts have moved to Calimero 2.

Calimero 2 is active. Stable versions are hosted here on Sourceforge; the development version is hosted on GitHub. Note that this development version has a different [License] than the stable release.

Core team members spend various amounts of their free time on Calimero 2. They neither have KNX devices at home, nor do they have a paying job involving KNX. (If you feel like changing this, they would be interested to hear.) There is no particular development timeline.

If you would like to contribute, see [Support].


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