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Calf 0.0.19 released

This version of Calf includes several major additions and enhancements, mostly thanks to the new team members, Markus Schmidt and Christian Holschuh. There are too many changes to mention, but the most important are:

  • new GUI theme, to make Calf more usable and aesthetically pleasing
  • several mastering-oriented plug-ins:
    • equalizers of varying complexity
    • a large number of dynamics-oriented plugins - compressors, limiters and gates - simple, sidechain and multiband
    • distortion-like plugins: exciter, saturator and bass enhancer (using work of Tom Szilagyi)
    • powerful multi-function analyzer to produce spectrograms, phase correlation diagrams and plain old spectrum analysis graphs
    • tools for working with mono vs stereo signals
  • other plugins: de-esser, pulsator (a tremolo/autopanner plug-in), a simple wrapper for Fluidsynth soundfont player
  • various enhancements for Monosynth and Organ synthesizers
  • improved and simplified internal architecture
  • improved support for LV2 plug-in standard

Unfortunately, in order to reduce complexity and required maintenance effort, we had to discontinue support for legacy plug-in formats - LADSPA and DSSI. However, a third-party fork is available with that functionality re-added, for people who still use legacy tools.

The small plug-in set has also been removed. Those plug-ins have different use cases, and should probably have been spun-off as a separate project - had there been any volunteers to do that.

Posted by Krzysztof Foltman 2012-10-21