Calf 0.0.15 released

Version 0.0.15 has just been released. This release contains another set of improvements in existing plugins and the DSP and GUI libraries they are built on.

The organ synthesizer is now equipped with a new, frequency modulation-based percussive section, with editable modulation keytrack curve (DSSI and JACK host only). The new percussive section has a polyphonic mode as well as 3 "old" monophonic modes. New presets have been added. UI controls have been rearranged to fit in lower screen resolution.

The rotary speaker plugin has been changed due to user feedback, the effect is much more subtle now and there is more control over the sound.

GUI improvements include knob usability fixes and new controls (keyboard, curve editor). It is easier to find the middle point in bipolar knobs due to added few-pixel "dead zone". It is now also possible to make fine adjustment to parameter values by holding SHIFT key while adjusting a parameter with a knob.

Also, a deadlock-on-close bug has been fixed in standalone JACK host version.

Posted by Krzysztof Foltman 2008-08-19