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Dear Calf Developpers
First, thanks a million for this amazing plugin suite, in my eyes the best one in the linux audio world ;) It offers all the things a musician needs to produce professional made music. Awesome stuff!! ;)

Last time I had to mix a lot of drums (acoustic AND sample-based) and I got an idea for a plugin (or, better, a collection of plugins) you could be interested in.

The Calf collection is absolutly amazing and offers everything needed for mixing drums. Thats the reason I write you right now. Thanks you for that!!

Mixing drums is a big task and one use mostly always the same configuration of processors and effects.
The idea of this plugin is to get a collection of pre-loaded plugins for drum mixing, straight away ready to use.

The Plugin has 10 ins and 2 outs and is to put in a 10 channel bus
So yo can route each drum track to the 10 channel bus (in ardour i.e) and get started mixing with all the drums+fx confortably in one window.

Now to the draft:

The plugin is based on regions, one for each "instrument" and one for the master.

the tom-region has 4 sub-regions:
tom1 (snare2)
*toms all

the overheads region has 4 sub-regions as well:
Ride (for sample-based drums, if needed)
OH/Cymbals all

Each region/sub-region has a Vol/Pan/Meter/mute/solo/(sends?) and 1 to 4 slots for precessors/fx

Each fx-slot has a following buttons:

on/off (if off the plugin is not running at all -> less resources )
swap (to load another fx in the slot)

The master region as a Vol/Pan/Meter and (why not?) 4 sends return + fx slots (for reverb etc)
and an CPU usage indicator
At the start of the plugin (mostly) each slot is pre-loaded with a plugin but in "off" mode (no CPU usage)

For the pre-loaded plugins I could imagine a nice routing combination like

Kick: EQ->SubbassGen->Gate/Compressor
Snare: EQ->Gate/Compressor
Hihat: Filter->Phaser->EQ
Tom1/Sn2, Tom2, Tom3, Tom4: EQ->Gate/Compressor
Tom all: EQ->Compressor
OH1, OH2 : ->No FX, just Vol/Pan/Meter/mute/solo
Ride: EQ
OH all: Filter/EQ

I used somtimes MDA Beatbox (a quite good drum synth-replacer - well, the only one under linux) and I was thinking of a drum replacement plugin, or, better, a Midi-send from each instrument (to send to hydrogen i.e for drum replacement) (such a audio-threshold to midi-fixed note plugin for drum replacement is missing in the linux audio world anyway)

In fact it is a bit like one Calf-Standalone for each instrument with pre-routed fx and routed together at the end ;)

I send you graphic style how it could look like (I had a lot of fun with that) with the graphs visible for each fx. Note this draft is only to show the idea. Thats just for fun if your are interested in building that plugin do what you think is the best.

If you are not interested, no prob, just let me know then I'll send the concept on the Linuxaudio Devel-List. (Just wanted to bring it to you first 'cause the calf are all the things needed).

I hope you'll be interested in that idea, it is coming straight from real productions and use.

I wish you all the best, nice holliday (if you have some) and an happy new year.

Vincent "Ras Tilo" Rateau

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  • Markus Schmidt
    Markus Schmidt

    Hey Vincent,

    first of all thanks a lot for your appreciation and your thoughts about improving Calf.

    I'll answer you from my personal point of view which doesn't necessarily correspond to others.

    This plugin would be more or less useless for my personal workflow because a) every sound engineer has completely different setups he uses and b) every production requires completely different effect constellations. Just a few examples differing from your preferred setup:

    I always record snare drums with a top and a bottom microphone
    I often record bass drums with a front and a reso microphone
    Sometimes there may be 3 or more toms, a bottom snare, a side snare and a timbale (and what about cowbells? a second hihat? aso.)
    My DSP chains are all differing from your sequences
    My grouping looks completely different from yours
    My effect send setups are entirely different

    So when I start building your preferred drum plugin I would never use it on my own.

    Additionally for my personal experience this wouldn't make any difference from setting things up in Ardour as a template - apart from the line graphs directly visible in the UI. But for changing values one has to open the corresponding effect UI either. So for me personally this is just a vastly limited option to mix drums in my productions with lots of overhead I wouldn't use.

    Really no offense intended, it's just that my production workflow is completely different and so is the workflow of other engineers I know. If I would develop my personal drum mixing plug in nearly no one else could use its features without being restricted (or missing some options) and without having at least some useless overhead running in the background.

    So again, thanks a lot for taking your time developing ideas with the intention to improve things but I personally am the wrong contact person for this kind of device. Which doesn't mean that you will not find other people supporting or coding it, I even don't know what the rest of the Calf pack thinks about.

    Cheers, Markus.

  • mcdebugger

    Just want to say + to Markus. IMHO it's a lot easier to make it with Ardour's (or other DAW) tracks/busses and set up favorite templates. It's better to make some drum machine / drumkit / sampler that can work as a plugin as alternative coding time use.



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