#17 Controlling organ drawbars via MIDI CCs

Dan Fuhry

I realize this is a subset of an earlier feature request (#3406699), but would also take significantly less work to implement methinks. Especially because I've included a (half-finished) patch.

I hacked this up nearly a year ago, but never successfully managed to update the UI other than the graph. Midi CCs 20-28 (inclusive) control the Hammond organ drawbars. If someone could get this to the point where it updates the UI, I'd be super-happy.

Also this is against revision 3fa2934d35d96a1268ca91525ef71bfcd52490e1... sorry.... like I said this was hacked together a long time ago. I went out and got a Nord Stage 2 last June so I haven't really needed CALF...


  • Anonymous

    I support this request. A setup with a external midi controller and Calf organ would be so nice.

  • I've finished implementing a very basic version of MIDI automation support today. Please check it out and give some comments. The automation is activated by moving a knob/slider, right-clicking the knob or slider, and selecting "Bind". The feature is not finished, I need opinions on usability etc.



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