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Read Me

Calf is a pack of audio plugins - effects and instruments, currently in
development. The goal is to create a set of plugins using decent algorithms
and parameter settings, available in a form which is compatible with as many
open source applications as possible.

How to use Calf plugins:

* LADSPA plugins

Calf is installed as calf.so library in your LADSPA directory (typically
/usr/lib/ladspa). It means that typical LADSPA host should be able to find
Calf's plugins.

* DSSI plugins

Calf .so module is also installed in your DSSI plugin directory, which means
your DSSI host (like jack-dssi-host or rosegarden) should find it and
include its plugins in the plugin list. 

* JACK client application

You can also use Calf plugins as separate applications, connecting to other
applications using JACK Audio Connection Kit (version 0.103 or newer is
required). To run the client, type:

        calfjackhost monosynth !

(! means "connect", last "!" means "connect to output")

Other examples:

        calfjackhost monosynth ! vintagedelay ! flanger !

(runs monosynth into vintagedelay and vintagedelay into flanger, then to

        calfjackhost ! reverb !

(takes signal from system:capture_1 and _2, puts it through reverb, and then
sends to system:playback_1 and _2)

You can also change client name or input/output port names with command-line
options (type calfjackhost --help). Use qjackctl, patchage or jack_connect
to connect the Calf JACK client to your sound card or other applications, if
"!" is inadequate for any reason (if I didn't explain it properly, or if it
doesn't provide the connectivity options needed).

Keep in mind this project is in the early development phase. It is usable
for certain purposes, but drop me a note if you need something.