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John Georgiou

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Project Members:

  • John Georgiou
    John Georgiou

    -------------------------------- Calendar for Freelancers ---------------------------------
    Download the zip file from

    1) On your WEB SERVER on WWW create a folder (projectcal)
    2) Unzip the files folders there (use files in uniserver\www\
    3) Create on your MySQL server on phpmyADMIN a data base with name , username , password
    4) Import tables.sql in myphpadmin on your dbase
    5) Ready the application

    You can find in include folder dbcommon.php (these are for UNISERVER default username/password and a database made in phpadmin with name project1)

    You can download UNIFORM SERVER (PHP & MySQL)
    Download this
    This is a portable WEB/MySQL server that no need of install just run it even from your usb stick.
    If you use it check here

    Then follow the 5 steps for install to uniform server

    ----------------------New simplest procedure for both applications -------------------------------------
    Update #1
    1) Just unzip the file on a folder on your hard disk or usb.
    2) Get in uniserver folder
    3) double click Start_as_program.exe
    4) Push start both button (Apache & MySQL)
    5) Surf the http://localhost/project for Freelancer tiny erp
    or Surf the http://localhost/projectcal for calendar for Freelancers
    6) Enjoy!

    for LIVE DEMO go to