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CalcPi Wiki

This is the Wiki of CalcPi, a multiplatform program for calculating pi and other mathematical constants to arbitrary precision.

CalcPi Homepage
CalcPi user documentation
[Developer documentation]

Third-party libraries

It uses the following libraries:

Since all of these libraries are multi-platform, the source code should compile on almost any desktop OS. I have tested the following platforms:

  • Windows, from XP to 8, 32 and 64 bits. It is possible to use either Visual C++ compiler or MinGW32/MinGW64
  • Linux (I tested with Ubuntu x64 and Raspbian, a Debian version for Raspberry Pi)
  • OS X (I'm not a OS X expert, and I don't own a Mac myself, therefore I don't provide OS X binaries)


CalcPi contains several algorithms for calculating Pi and e (base of natural logarithm). These algorithms were implemented by others:


CalcPi is built with CMake (, the multi-platform make tool. The Windows setups have been created with Unicode NSIS (

The GUI was designed with wxFormBuilder (

The Icon is Copyright Oxygen(, released under the Creative Common Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

The wiki uses Markdown syntax.

Project Members:


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