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#21 Support for named bones in animation and mesh files

cal3d (14)

The following patch adds support for having the animation
and mesh files loaded and saved with the bone names
rather than the indices in the bone array.

To enable saving with the bones named rather than
indexed, CalSaver::saveCoreMesh() and
CalSaver::saveCoreAnim() need to be called with the
CoreSkeleton as a new last parameter - the skeleton is
needed to look up the names, which is automatically done
when using the saving interfaces in the core model.

On the other way round CalLoader::loadCoreMesh() and
CalLoader::loadCoreAnim() needs the corresponding
CoreSkeleton to be loaded before an animation or a mesh
file with named bones is loaded.

- Old code together with numbered-indexed meshes and
animations should still work.
- Caution is advised when using CalLoader directly rather
than the loading interfaces in CalCoreModel - omitting the
CoreSkeleton parameter results in loading errors when it
comes to named-indexed files.

Additional changes:
tools/converter - Added options to convert files between
named and numbered indexing back and forth, see usage
text as given by the program itself.

-- Submitted by elric dot blues at gmx dot de


  • Diff for supporting named bone indices in anim and meshes