Announcement: cal3d 0.9 released

August 2003 - The Cal3D team is pleased to announce the release of Cal3D
version 0.9! Along with many bug fixes and optimizations, here are some
of the major changes included in the latest release:

- Support for XML text file formats using TinyXML
- New character modeling and exporting tutorial
- Cal3D FAQ file
- Hardware bumpmapping example (D3D)
- Hardware vertex skinning with Vertex shader example (D3D)
- Functions to assist dynamic motion programming
- Bone and animation "helpers"
- Access to tangent space calculations
- TGA texture loading built into Cally demo and Miniviewers
- XML <-> binary file format converter tool
- Much more flexible GNU build system

Thanks to everyone who submitted patches and to everyone who has been
active in the forums. We couldn't do it without you.

The Cal3D Team

Posted by Laurent Desmecht 2003-08-07