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Announcement: cal3d 0.8 released

The following features were added to the free skeletal-based character animation library:
- A Milkshape exporter
- Optional support for 16-bit indices (default 32-bit)
- Added functions, Cal3D is now "D3D friendly"
- Added support for file loading on big endian computers
- Optimized bone transformations with CalMatrix
- New CalMatrix class (Thanks to 'josh'!)
- Completely revamped the automake/autoconf setup.
- Moved the 'cal3d.doxygen' file into the 'docs' subdirectory where it actually belongs.
- Added a pure C wrapper to Cal3D. This should allow non C++ applications to link with it now. (Thanks to Tomek Grudzinski!)
- Changed the error codes in CalError and the type and state codes in CalAnimation to an enum structure.
- Changed the interpolation calculations in CalCoretrack::getState() so that the motion wraps are handled like in the 3d modellers.
- Tagged some forgotten friend functions of the CalVector and CalQuaternion classes as exported.
Laurent Desmecht

Posted by Laurent Desmecht 2002-08-30