I'm using:

hibernate 3.1.3
tomcat 5.19

for a servlet based web application.  When I load test with 20 consecutive users, it deadlocks my application.  I've tried a variety of c3p0 configurations to see if I can prevent this but to no avail.  Our application is a database intensive app.  We are not leaking connections.  When it deadlocks, the last thing I see in the logs is that 24 out of 25 connections are available. 

I've tested with the default hibernate connection pool and it does not deadlock.  (The reason we are trying c3p0 is because we want the app to transparently recover when the db goes down and comes back up.)

Can someone recommend a c3p0 configuration for this environment?  Our app will see up to 250 or more consecutive users so deadlocking at 20 is a non-starter. 

Can someone vouch that c3p0 can handle these kinds of loads? 


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