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Reviewed Release 0.4

In the Subversion repository there's now a reviewed project with a proper building structure. No features added, thus the version number doesn't change for the moment.

Posted by Paolo Manna 2010-03-08

Release 0.4

Courtesy of Jean-Pierre (chombier), the tutorial now compiles and runs on recent OS X systems (Intel Macs, 10.6)

Posted by Paolo Manna 2010-03-07

Cocoa 3D Tutorial 0.3

The Cocoa 3D Tutorial has a new relase, 0.3, and is promoted to alpha quality, i.e. I've had no major bugs reported and I've corrected all of what I've found.
There are 4 new classes (StringTexture, AnimatedProcTexture, PlainSurface and InteractiveView) that move the project forward...

Posted by Paolo Manna 2003-07-08

Cocoa3DTutorial has a new release

The Cocoa3DTutorial project has a new release, 0.2 pre-alpha. The update corrects some problems with texture and alpha channels and adds the new functionality of Procedural Textures/Perlin noise. Of course, given the tutorial focus of the project, a new example has been built to demo the new functionality. No web page yet, this is the next task!

Posted by Paolo Manna 2003-06-17