C-CPP Calendar

C-CPP Calendar app is a easy to use app to do all the functions that a calendar is used for. The app can is very handy and extremely better than the physical calendar. It is available both as a x86 and a x64 app.

The app can display day of any date in the gregorian calendar (1753 - 9999).

It can be used to display calendar of any month of the year.

The most awesome feature is that it display calendar of any year in a well formatted layout like a paper calendar and also generate a text file for the same.

It comes very handy when it display the dates in a month on which a day occurs in a month.

C-CPP Calendar provides personalized user account with password protection (MD5 based)

C-CPP Calendar is compatible with Windows 2000 up-to windows 8. Though no official support is there for Linux or mac, we it was tested to be working with wine emulator.

Note for Devs. - The Calendar app has been developed in C and C++. Only the standard libraries of C++ compatible with a standard c++ compilers like GCC, MSVC, MinGW, etc have been used. Functions like getch and gotoxy have been added as user defined functions to increase source compatibility.

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