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OPEN SPHiNX C-- Compiler / News: Recent posts

Meet developers on irc.

I, X-Laes have created #C-- channel on
visit our developers there

Posted by Priit Laes 2001-10-21

New Website Will be Up SOON

soon as I get the time ;-)
ok sometime today I guess...*Maybe*

Posted by Cameron Cox 2001-10-18


The compiler will be rewritten from scratc.

Posted by Priit Laes 2001-08-30

Website finally up!

After 3 weeks i was able to finish this task...

Posted by Priit Laes 2001-07-11

OPEN SPHiNX C-- Compiler Documentation Released!

Finally after few unhappy days the documentation is released...

Posted by Priit Laes 2001-05-25

Open SPHiNX C-- Compiler v0.000 released!

Finally the first version is released...
More information on

Posted by Priit Laes 2001-05-22