#50 ShotWave Flag/Flag Mixing



Please don't mind the really dumb name. This is a flag
very close to shockwave. Instead of a spherical wave
completely engulfing the shooter, it's a wave of shots.

These shots would (if possible) always reboundable, and
the number of shots would be set by the server admin.

Unlike the shockwave, the shotwave would shoot shots
only parallel to the ground and above, making it's
range 180 degrees vertical and 360 horizontal.

Since the shots are always reboundable, it would be a
very difficult shot to keep using, making it's extreme
power shortlasted. The fact that it doesn't shoot
below you strenghtens this idea, as many people like to
jump with their shockwave flag, that wouldn't always be
so useful with this flag.

I hope it's not too similar to the Shockwave to where
it won't even be considered.

Mixing Flags?

Is the Phantom Zone flag not but a special flag that's
a mixture of others? Well when you think about it, it
may just run it's own little thing to have the exact
same settings as other flags, but I have found the idea
of being able to mix different flags to be a good one.

For example, you can pick up a WG and then an
SW/Laser/GM, and reign the skies completely. The
server admin could set how many flags you can have at once.

Just one user's crazy request ideas,



  • Jeff Myers
    Jeff Myers

    • status: open --> closed-rejected