#14 Pause a timed match

Richard Charlton

This patch allows the pausing and resumption of a timed
match (if a player's computer crashes or someone has
to go for a moment for example), so that teams are not
at a huge disadvantage while substituting etc., or if
things are getting out of hand and pausing is needed. It
thus allows for a more flexible and fair game.

If any team asks for a substitution or loses a player, at
an opportune moment an administrator may type the


This will pause the game in the eyes of the server and
send a message to all the players, so that any capture
of any flag is not counted in the team scores. Obviously
some advantage for one or another team may be lost,
but it works every way... While the countdown is
paused, the server sends out a message at a fixed
interval (I think 18 seconds is a good time) announcing
that the game is paused - otherwise the client has no
indication it is paused (the clock keeps ticking down
and is only reset to the correct time on /unpause for lag
reasons). Players can still move about and attempt a
flag capture, but with no avail

Then, when the teams are ready to resume, the
administrator can type the command:


This will add the necessary time to the clocks of the
clients and the server so that no time is lost. The tanks
are sent back to their respective bases along with their
flags to ensure a fair restart.

Perhaps, for e6 we could implement a client change to
show this better, but everyone might not upgrade so
making the patch client dependent is not good IMHO.


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  • Tim Riker
    Tim Riker

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    hmm. players can still be killed, and what happens if the
    time runs out while paused? at least the countdown time
    should be reset every time the paused message is resent.

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    Players can still be killed - but in CTF as far as I can see, it
    shouldn't be much of a worry. When the timer restarts,
    players are moved back to their respective bases. As for
    time "running out" while paused, during my testing, it has
    worked perfectly well when unpaused.

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    this needs some more thought - probably a lot easier once we
    break protocol, would allow server to actually pause the
    players. moving to E&T for now

  • A. W. Wright
    A. W. Wright

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    what would be best, when protocol is broken, is so all the
    tanks stay where they are, but than thay can still move
    about as 'ghosts' like in PZ mode (just so no one gets bored
    and leaves). once unpaused, they are moved back to where
    they are, stay that way for a second (or two), that can
    start moving once more. mabye it would be a little hard to
    get in, but possable none the less.

  • Jeff Myers
    Jeff Myers

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